capturing innovative practices in the use of assistive technology

About the project

Assistive Technology at Work in Europe will explore how assistive technology is promoting greater social inclusion for learners and trainees with disabilities by capturing innovative practices in the use of high and low technology across the project partnership. Case studies, training, advice and guidance will be shared to support educators, trainers, learning support staff and employers to be able to assess and deploy the right technology solutions enabling learners with disabilities enhanced access to training and qualifications. The aim of this project is to professionally develop teachers, support staff and mentors in the use and application of assistive technology in order to make learners more autonomous in their learning, living and work.

Project partners

National star
Ullenwood, UK

National Star is a residential specialist college based in Cheltenham working with young people with disabilities and learning difficulties from across the United Kingdom. Through the support of a multi-disciplinary team of assistive technologists, learners use technology to develop their skills through a range of learning, living and work programmes that prepare them for adult life.

Learning and Consulting Centre Vateri
Kuopio, Finland

Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting consists of six units in different parts of Finland. Valteri acts as a national expertise centre operating under auspices of the Finnish National Agency of Education. According to its mission, Valteri administers and develops consultation and support services related to inclusive education in municipalities.

Manpower Employment Organisation of Greece
Athens, Greece

The OAED Athens School of Vocational Training has been providing its services in the education and training of vulnerable social groups since the early 1990s. It is the only school to train people with disabilities. The following are eligible to attend the programs of the Athens Disabled School: Persons with a disability above 50% (certified by Primary Health Committee opinion, 18 to 55 years old, regardless of gender, religion or nationality.

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Graphic Arts
Zagreb, Croatia

The Faculty of Graphic Arts of the University of Zagreb is a public institution of higher education which organizes and conducts study courses and is engaged in scientific and expert work in the area of engineering sciences, field of graphic engineering.

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